You'd fuck your uncle!

You'd fuck your uncle!

Shut your fucking face unklefucker! You're an cock sucking, ass lickin' uncle fucker! You're an uncle fucker, yes, its true, nobody fucks uncles butt like you!

Shut your' re fucking face unclefucker! You're the one that fucks your uncle, unclefucker! You don't eat or sleep or mow the lawn, you fuck your uncle all day long!


What's goin' on here!?

Uncleeefucker, Unlcefucker, Unclefucker, Uncleeeefucker!


Shut your fucking face, unclefucker!

You're an ????????? unclefucker!

You're an unclefucker I must say!

You fucked your uncle yesterday!


Unclefucker that's u n c l e! Fuck you! Unclefuckeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

Suck my balls!

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