Trigger may seem like a good guy. After all, he is a bureaucrat and an admin. Now what if I told you, that this was part of our plan. I agreed to never let it hit the streets if Trigger was not banned on six wikis. I found out he was, only one of which has expired. So guess what, this child violated by his parents so much is EVIL!!!!

His Plot Edit


Trigger has told me more then he has told everyone on this wiki combined. About life, YouTube, his ideas, etc. Let's start with Douglas Artur. His name begins with a D. Douglas Artur explodes half of the Earth in WWIII. E for explodes. Half is synonymous for some. S. Some is also synonymous with a bit. T. Now enough about synonyms, Artur was rebuilt to be robotic by Tsar. T and R. Tsar has no orderliness. O. Orderliness is associated with psychology. Y. This can not be a coincidence.


LEGO. LMMCU is about LEGO. L. LEGO made a theme called Mixels. M. Mixels Mix. Another M. Mixes make Mixels cooler. C. Coolers are called cool boxes in the UK. U. Something is going on.

With Edit

WWIII. Begins with a W. WWIII is about a war. War is a state of armed combat internationally. I. International is a term. T. Termeh is the word term but with the word "eh". Huh, H? Definitely uncoincidential.

Michael Edit

Morphers. M. Morphers are incredible. I. The Incredibles is a movie that is comedy. C. Adam Sandler comedy is horrible. H. Horrible means awful. A. Awful is the antonym of Excellent. E. EL has the letter E and L in his name. L. No Number Two!

Bay Edit

Brendan. B. Brendan has Autism. A. Unlike him, you do not. Y. Yep. Brendan's Weapon of Mass Destruction,

Is Michael Bay